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Furniture Removal services in Stafford, TX

Furniture Removal services in Stafford, TX

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Furniture Removal services in Stafford, TX Furniture Removal services in Stafford, TX

How about that old desk taking up space in the room upstairs.

Junk Removal services in Stafford, TX

Junk Removal services in Stafford, TX

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Junk Removal services in Stafford, TX Junk Removal services in Stafford, TX

Leave those boxes for us to clean out so you can get more space in the closet.

Stafford, TX, Furniture Removal services

Stafford, TX, Furniture Removal services

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Stafford, TX, Furniture Removal services Stafford, TX, Furniture Removal services

When that recliner is no longer working or you just want to update it, call us to haul it away.

Fort Bend County, TX's Trusted Junk Removal Company

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Fort Bend County, TX’s eco-friendly junk removal provider

Are you in the midst of a move, or perhaps in the midst of a deep clean? Are you finding countless items that you no longer want or need, but can’t seem to shake? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Junkluggers of Greater Sugar Land is Fort Bend County, TX’s reliable contractor for all things junk removal. From appliance removal to entire estate cleanouts, we’ve got you covered. Our professionals will carefully and efficiently remove your unwanted items, returning your space to its former glory.

Another benefit of partnering with The Junkluggers of Greater Sugar Land is that we uphold a commitment to the community and the environment to keep our clients’ items out of landfills. Particularly, our goal is to prevent 100% of the junk we lug from entering landfills by the year 2025. We plan to achieve this by doing everything in our power to donate, recycle, or otherwise ethically dispose of our clients’ items. Even better, we offer tax-deductible receipts for items we donate! Check out our eco-friendly services:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Ready to say goodbye to your junk? Give us a call at 1-844-532-0306 or complete the provided form to schedule your free junk removal estimate in Fort Bend County, TX.

Expert furniture removal in Fort Bend County, TX

If you have been meaning to get rid of that ancient dresser, but are dreading the removal process, you are in luck. Our professionals at The Junkluggers of Greater Sugar Land excel at furniture removal. When you partner with us, you won’t have to worry about difficulty maneuvering these heavy furniture items or finding them new homes once they are out, because we do all of that for you. What’s more, we do it all with a smile!

Say goodbye to that decrepit dresser today. Contact us at 1-844-532-0306 or simply click below to schedule your free furniture removal estimate in Fort Bend County, TX.

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Senior living communities services in Sugar Land, TX

Ms Sharan G. has been living in this senior living community for several years now. She has made several friends in the community is very pleased with the services rendered. The meals served there are adequate for her diet. She gets access to a nurse who checks on her every now and then and a shuttle is available to take her to her doctor appointments. But there was just one thing:Ms Sharan's unit has been located on the 3rd floor but with her needing some assitance with mobility she has been wanting to move to the first floor. An unit on the first floor became available and Ms Sharan was now going to move.

Ms. SHaran contacted the Junkluggers and explained her situation. She advised us of when she would be receiving the keys to the new unit and we scheduled her appointment on that date. Once on site she indicated the armchair and china that have been cluttering her apartment and wanted us to haul away. It was also clear that she needed assistance moving her belongings to the new apartment. Our luggers spent 2 hours unmounting her TV and curtain rods and moving her to the first floor.

In the end it was rewarding knowing we helped her move hassle free, and that she would no longer have to ride her mobility chair further than her unit is, only to get access to the elevator.

Estate cleanout in Richmond, TX

David J, has been living in his house located in Crabb, TX for more than 20 years. With the Houston housing market being a seller's market lately, David decided it was time for him to sell his house and move to the countryside which has been wanting to do for a while now.

David called the Junkluggers of Greater Sugar Land to assist with clearing up his estate in order for it to be listed. Our luggers showed up the day before David was scheduled to turn in the house keys. Though David did his best to pack most of his belongings, most of which had already been moved, there was still a lot of work required to empty the house completely. From the food pantry to the several room closets that had become additional storage for miscellaneous items over the years, the luggers spent 4 hours decluttering, sorting and bagging the smaller items, while the bulky ones, including old furniture had been loaded directly on the truck.

David was very pleased with the work that was done and wish he had sollicited our help sooner. He turned in his keys the next mornin, before heading to his newly bought ranch where his cats would have plenty of space to play around. 

Garage cleanout services in Sugar Land, TX

Kim K has been looking forward to regaining some estate back in her garage and finally be able to park their 2 cars in there again. Her kids had outgrown their riding car toys, and along with few other items from around the house, these have been cluttering her space. Kim had used one of our competitors in the past but had decided this time to use the Junkluggers of Greater Sugar Land.

When our luggers arrived, the garage was filled with these items Kim could no longer wait to get out of the house. A few car seats, riding car toys, patio lounge chairs , and other miscellanous items have gradually been amassed in the middle of the garage, patiently waiting to be lugged away. The luggers strategically loaded these on the truck with items that could not be donated first, then the donatable items which were most of the load last.

Kim was pleased to get her garage back in the end, and we were delighted to know those beautiful toys were headed to make several other kids happy at the FB Habitat for Humanity.

Richmond, TX Estate Cleanout services

Our client had moved in to Houston, TX from New York back in November 2018 to be closer to her daughter who just had a baby. After 2 yrs in the great state of Texas, she started missing her friends and routine in New York. So she decided to move back to New York and with the real estate market currently being a seller's market, by the same token, sell her house. A lot of the furniture she had acquired in November 2018 were still in very good condition, but unfornately had no time to sell them as she was able to quickly close on the sale of her house, Not to mention the fact that she had already made it back to New York, and no longer in Houston to coordinate the removal of her items.

She found us online and fell in love with our business model. As all of her furniture were in great condition, we were able to donate all her items to Habitat for humanity, and send her 2 full donation receipts for her to deduct from her taxes next year.

Our client was updated every step of the way, with pictures and videos of the items as we were removing them.

In the end she was relieved and very pleased that the new homeowners would be able to move it without delays as schedule.

Storm and Disaster Cleanup services in Sugar Land, TX

Our customer and his wife had been unforntunately hit by some water damages during the winter freeze in Houston in December 2020. Some of their pipes had burst in the garage ceiling and water came in damaging some of the furniture they in there. In order to start on the ceiling repairs they needed to clean out their garage and make room for the construction crew and their equipment.They saw our truck drive by one day and decided to call us. We stopped by the next day and provided them with a quote they agreed upon and we started clearing the garage. They liked the concept and decided to haul away more items that were cluttering their family area, patio space. After being informed that the donation center was going to be our first stop after leaving, they brought down some clothes they have been meaning to donateand we took care of those as well.

By the time we were leaving, they were so relieved to have regained the space in the garage and were already looking forward to the end of the renovations so they could park their cars back in their garage. 

How the Junkluggers can help when selling a house

Our customer, Ms. Lynda and her family had been living in this house since 1982. The kids had grown up and moved out onto their own homes with their families, and she and her husband had decided it was time to sell the house. Her realtor referred her to us and she immediately liked our business model and the services we offer.

Ms. Lynda had finished conducting an estate sale of some of their belongings and her first need was to move all the remaining furniture from the bedrooms upstairs into the living room downstairs. That fell under our labor only services, and we sent in 2 of our well trained professionals to help with that.

She had also coordinated for a donation center to stop by and pick up anything they could accept. After the donation center came by, Ms. Lynda rescheduled another appointment with us for a final sweep through, in other words, haul away anything that had been left behind. We concluded our services to her home from a full attic cleanout to a garage cleanout. 

Ms. Lynda was very satisfied to have found a solution that would help put their house up for sale quickly.

How the Junkluggers can help with donations

Our customer had some sewage flooding few months ago and had been redoing the flooring in her house. Part of the process included taking heavy furniture to the 2nd floor. Upon completion of the new floor installation, these furniture had to come down but since she had decided to sell the house, she took the opportunity to haul off some of these furniture she would not be using. She called few junk removal companies to get estimates, but in the end decided to go for the Junkluggers of Greater Sugar Land because of the donation aspect of our hauling services (in her own words). We were able to service her within two (2) days of the estimate being completed. We donated one (1) full truck load of household items to one of our charity partners, and sent her the tax deductible receipt.  

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